The Hindu Vocabulary For All Exams | 10-11-2020

By | November 10, 2020

The Hindu Vocabulary For All Exams on 10-11-2020

The Hindu Vocabulary For All Exams

Vocabulary has been an important part of various competitive exams, so we are here with a series of Banking Awareness Quiz on a daily basis on our platform. Follow the quiz daily to improve your banking awareness.

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1. IDENTICAL (ADJECTIVE): (समान): one and the same 
Synonyms: aforementioned, aforesaid
Antonyms: different
Example Sentence: 
She stole from the identical station at which she had been arrested before.
2. ILLUSION (NOUN): (भ्रांति): appearance 
Synonyms: impression, imitation
Antonyms: reality
Example Sentence: 
They have to showcase an illusion of family togetherness.
3. PROMPT (VERB): (प्रेरित करना): induce 
Synonyms: make, move
Antonyms: discourage
Example Sentence: 
Curiosity prompted him to look inside.

4. EXPEDITIOUS (ADJECTIVE): (शीघ्र): speedy 

Synonyms: swift, quick
Antonyms: slow
Example Sentence: 
The investigation was supposed to be expeditious. 

5. RATIFY (VERB): (पुष्टि करना): confirm 
Synonyms: approve, sanction
Antonyms: reject
Example Sentence: 
Both countries were due to ratify the treaty by the end of the year.
6. CAPACIOUS (ADJECTIVE): (लंबा-चौड़ा): roomy 
Synonyms: commodious, spacious
Antonyms: cramped
Example Sentence: 
She looked for a hairpin in her capacious handbag.
7. ASSAULT (VERB): (हमला करना): hit
Synonyms: strike, smack
Antonyms: defend
Example Sentence: 
He pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer.
8. REAP (NOUN): (प्राप्त करना): receive 
Synonyms: obtain, get
Antonyms: lose
Example Sentence: 
The company is reaping the benefits.
9. POST (PREPOSITION): (के उपरांत): subsequent to 
Synonyms: after
Antonyms: before
Example Sentence: 
American poetry post the 1950s hasn’t had the same impact.
10. NATIVE (ADJECTIVE): (जन्मजात): innate 
Synonyms: inherent, inborn
Antonyms: acquired
Example Sentence: 
She has some last vestige of native wit.

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