Current Affairs Quiz | Part – 2

By | November 19, 2020

Current Affairs Quiz | Part – 2

Current Affairs Quiz

Daily Current Affairs has been an important part of various competitive exams, so we are here with a series of Banking Awareness Quiz on a daily basis on our platform. Follow the quiz daily to improve your banking awareness.

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Current Affairs Quiz | Part – 2

1.Which state has won award from World Travel Mart London for exemplary activities during Covid-19?

[A] Odisha
[B] Kerala
[C] Tamil Nadu
[D] Gujarat

Correct Answer: B [Kerala]

Kerala Tourism has been awarded the prestigious ‘Highly Commended’ Award by World Travel Mart London.
The state has been awarded for its remarkable activities aimed to promote Responsible Tourism (RT) during COVID-19. Kerala’s Responsible Tourism (RT) Mission received the award in the category of ‘Meaningful Connections.’


2.An air service between India and which country has commenced recently under the air bubble arrangement?

[B] Nepal
[C] Bangladesh
[D] Myanmar

Correct Answer: C [Bangladesh]

A new air service between India and Bangladesh has commenced under the air-bubble arrangement. Vistara airlines launched its biweekly flight service from Delhi to Dhaka. The air-bubble arrangement between the two countries helps people to travel for medical, business and other purposes.
Air Bubbles are temporary arrangements between two countries that aim to restart commercial passenger services when regular international flights are suspended.


3.India has signed as many as 15 agreements with which country, after the virtual bilateral summit?

[A] United Kingdom
[B] Italy
[C] France
[D] Russia

Correct Answer: B [Italy]

India and Italy have signed 15 agreements in various sectors during the virtual Bilateral Prime Minister’s meet that held on November 7, 2020.
The agreements are expected to provide for cooperation in a wide range of sectors like energy, green energy, shipbuilding, media etc. and to review the bilateral relationship.


4.Sarnath Light and Sound show has been inaugurated recently by the Prime Minister in which state?

[A] Madhya Pradesh
[B] Uttar Pradesh
[C] Maharashtra
[D] Bihar

Correct Answer: B [Uttar Pradesh]

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently inaugurated several development projects in the city of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, via video conferencing.
The development projects include Sarnath Light and Sound show, infrastructure facilities for protection and conservation of cows, Varanasi city smart lighting work among others.


5.The model of anti-satellite missile system, that was seen in news, has been inaugurated in which city?

[A] Kolkata
[B] New Delhi
[C] Chennai
[D] Panaji

Correct Answer: B [New Delhi]

Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has recently inaugurated a model of the anti-satellite missile system.
The model, which is seen as a symbol of national technological advancement, has been inaugurated at the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) headquarters in New Delhi. In 2019, DRDO conducted an Anti-Satellite (A-SAT) missile test ‘Mission Shakti’.


6.Crown Prince Akishino has been proclaimed as the first in line as heir to the throne in which country?

[A] Vietnam
[B] Japan
[C] United Arab Emirates
[D] Thailand

Correct Answer: B [Japan]

Japan has formally proclaimed Crown Prince Akishino as the first in line as heir to the throne.
Last year, his elder brother Emperor Naruhito became monarch. But as per the Japanese law, only males can inherit the throne, and so the only offspring of Naruhito, the 18-year-old Princess Aiko, is ineligible.

7.Which state is celebrating its statehood day on November 9?

[A] Sikkim
[B] Jharkhand
[C] Telangana
[D] Uttarakhand

Correct Answer: D [Uttarakhand]

State of Uttarakhand is celebrating November 9th as its statehood day. The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has greeted the people of Uttarakhand on their Statehood Day.
The state of Uttarakhand has been formed in the year 2000 in accordance with the Uttar Pradesh Reorganisation Act.


8.How many Khelo India Centre of Excellence (KISCE) have been approved by the Ministry of Sports?

[A] 2
[B] 5
[C] 6
[D] 10

Correct Answer: C [6]

The Union Sports Ministry has approved 6 centres as the Khelo India Centre of Excellence (KISCE). These centres would be upgraded at a cost of Rs 67.32 crore for FY 2020-21 and subsequent four years.
These centres have been identified in the states / UT of Assam, Meghalaya, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Sikkim and Daman & Diu.


9.Cellular Operators Association of India (COAT), which was seen in news recently, is set to host which famous conference?

[A] The India Mobile Congress
[B] India Science Congress
[C] Def Expo
[D] India Youth Science Congress

Correct Answer: A [The India Mobile Congress]

The India Mobile Congress (IMC) 2020 has been scheduled to be held 8th -10th December, through virtual mode.
Minister of State Sanjay Dhotre announced the fourth edition of the Congress. This event is jointly organized by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) and Cellular Operators Association of India (COAT).


10.Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT), which was seen in the news recently, is proposed to be set up in which island?

[A] Mauritius
[B] Hawaii
[C] Reunion
[D] Comoros

Correct Answer: B [Hawaii]

The Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT), which will the world’s largest visible-light telescope hwne completed, is proposed to be set up in Mauna Kea, on the island of Hawaii.
Physics Nobel Laureate Professor Andrea Ghez collaborated with Indian astronomers on the design of instruments and science prospects of the TMT project. India’s Department of Science and Technology (DST) and Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) are involved in the project.


11.Which economic measure of India grew positively by 0.2%, after 6-month contraction?

[A] Index of Industrial Production
[B] Consumer Price Index
[C] Wholesale Price Index
[D] Producer Price Index

Correct Answer: A [Index of Industrial Production]

India’s Index of Industrial Production (IIP) has grown by 0.2 per cent in September on a year on year basis.
After continuous contraction of six months, IIP has entered into the positive side of growth. During the month of August, a 7.36 per cent contraction was recorded. Recovery in consumer goods, electricity and mining sectors was noted.


12.Which country has announced a contribution of USD 1 million to the COVID-19 ASEAN Response Fund?

[A] United States
[B] India
[C] Singapore
[D] China

Correct Answer: B [India]

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has announced a contribution of USD 1 million to the COVID-19 ASEAN Response Fund.
The fund was announced during the 17th ASEAN-India Summit which was held recently in virtual mode. India also confirmed its earlier offer of USD 1 billion Line of Credit to support ASEAN connectivity.

13.National Education Day observed on November 11, to commemorate the birth anniversary of which Indian personality?

[A] Abdul Kalam
[B] Maulana Abul Kalam Azad
[C] Radha Krishnan
[D] Savitribhai Phule

Correct Answer: B [Maulana Abul Kalam Azad]

National Education Day is observed on November 11 across the country, to commemorate the birth anniversary of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad.
Azad was the first Education minister of independent India and was awarded the Bharat Ratna in 1992. The Government has decided to celebrate National Education Day in the year 2008.


14.As per a recent report by WHO and CDC, India has failed to vaccinate 1.2 million infants against which disease?

[A] Hepatitis
[B] Cholera
[C] Polio
[D] Measles

Correct Answer: D [Measles]

The report titled “Progress Toward Regional Measles Elimination, Worldwide, 2000–2019” has been released by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
As per the report, India is among the six countries with the highest numbers of infants who did not receive the first dose of measles vaccine in 2019. The report has stated that India has failed to vaccinate 1.2 million infants against measles vaccine.


15.Prime Minister inaugurated Ayurvedic institutes in which two states?

[A] Tamil Nadu and Kerala
[B] Karnataka and Maharashtra
[C] Assam and Manipur
[D] Rajasthan and Gujarat

Correct Answer: D [Rajasthan and Gujarat]

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has inaugurated Ayurvedic institutes in Rajasthan and Gujarat. This has been done on 5th Ayurveda Day.
The two institutions are Institute of Teaching & Research in Ayurveda (ITRA), Jamnagar and the National Institute of Ayurveda (NIA), Jaipur. Both the institutes are premier institutions of Ayurveda in the country.


16.The International Court of Justice is based in which country?

[A] United States
[B] United Kingdom
[C] The Netherlands
[D] France

Correct Answer: C [The Netherlands]

The United Nations’ apex judicial body, the International Court of Justice is based in The Hague, Netherlands.
Recently, four current members of the court, the judges from Japan, China, Slovakia and Uganda were re-elected and the Germany’s was elected. The 15-member world court seeks to settle disputes between countries.


17.What is the theme of the World Diabetes Day 2020?

[A] Covid and Diabetes
[B] The Nurse and Diabetes
[C] Recovering from Diabetes
[D] Diabetes and Obesity

Correct Answer: B [The Nurse and Diabetes]

World Diabetes Day (WDD) is observed every year on 14 November. This year it was observed with the theme of ‘The Nurse and Diabetes’.
World Diabetes Day (WDD) was created in 1991 by International Diabetes Federation and the World Health Organization, to commemorate the birth anniversary of Sir Frederick Banting, who co-discovered insulin along with Charles Best in 1922.


18.Which country chaired the BRICS Science, Technology and Innovation Ministerial meeting?

[A] India
[B] Brazil
[C] Russia
[D] China

Correct Answer: C [Russia]

The 8th BRICS Science, Technology and Innovation Ministerial meeting was held virtually, which was organised by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia.
Russia is the Chair of the 12th BRICS Summit. The Ministerial meeting unanimously adopted BRICS STI Declaration 2020. The Members applauded India’s ‘SERB–POWER’ (Promoting Opportunities for Women in Exploratory Research) scheme.

19.Which Union Ministry has introduced a new incentive scheme to 500 private academies?

[A] Union Defence Ministry
[B] Union Home Ministry
[C] Union Sports Ministry
[D] Union Labour Ministry

Correct Answer: C [Union Sports Ministry]

The Union Ministry of Sports has launched an incentive scheme, under which monetary support would be provided to 500 private academies. This would be done under the Khelo India Scheme over the next four years from FY 2020-21.
The private sports academies in India would be ranked based on the quality of coaching, achievement of players, infrastructure availability etc.


20.The Lonar Lake that has been declared as Ramsar Wetland, is located in which state?

[A] Maharashtra
[B] Uttar Pradesh
[C] Madhya Pradesh
[D] Odisha

Correct Answer: A [Maharashtra]

The Lonar lake located in the state of Maharashtra and Sur Sarovar (Keetham lake) located in Agra of Uttar Pradesh, have been additionally included in the list of recognised Ramsar sites. With this addition, India has 41 Ramsar wetlands, which is one among the highest in Asia.
Ramsar Conservation of Wetlands is an International treaty for conserving and wise use of wetlands. It is named after the city in Iran, where the treaty was signed in 1971.

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